Why a Rank and Rent Business Model Is Ideal for Your Online Venture

The relational nature of the world ensures that entrepreneurs keep finding solutions to offer clients from the interactions they keep having with potential customers. The word innovation explains the process of coming up with new ideas and turning them into profit by offering goods and services to a target market. For many years, the SEO game was the only way to get money online when doing affiliate marketing. However, it because hard as many websites in every niche began targeting page one of Google’s search results. Today, you have an alternative option as an entrepreneur to use your already ranking page to sell the visibility as a product. The following are the advantages of going the rank & rent route for your online business strategies.


You Already Have the Expertise to Get a Site to Page One of Google

When you have several sites with ranking pages on Google, then you know a thing or two about search engine ranking. However, starting with a new site and making it rank can take several weeks. Moreover, the option may not be so exciting for you since you will be working only as a consultant. Meanwhile, your sites may be ranking well but not have enough activity. In this case, you are in a good place to rent them out. Think of it as having a building in a great location and then renting it out to the business to use for their products. You earn the rent, and you keep optimizing an already functioning business. It is much better than beginning from nothing.


Experience Business Versatility

When running your shop online, you risk going out of business because trends changes and a product you are selling no longer stays attractive to the target market. However, when you are in the rank & rent business model, you can quickly drop a client whose product is no longer attractive in your target location and niche. You can pick another local business to sustain your rents from the website.


onlineUse the Same Format and Materials for Different Campaigns

You do not need reinventing the wheel when you are doing the rank and rent, business model. You keep using the SEO methods known to rank a site quickly and follow great tutorials and examples from different vendors online, and you use them for a variety of sites. In no time, you will be having several niche sites ranking well and ready to populate with local businesses as your website tenants. It is a winning solution for both you and the business clients you will be getting. The future is bright for this model since people who launch their startups do not want to waste time waiting for websites to rank when they could use an already ranking one.


Outsource Some of the Services

Another useful thing about this model is that it lets you automated or outsource some activities. You can have your writing done by other copywriting experts at a negotiated rate. You can have your backgrounds done by designers, and you might have your renting agreement done by a legal expert. You shall be the manager to ensure things work out according to the plan.…

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